"The Marmite Prize for Painting is unique because it relies at all levels, including the
actual prize, on the exchange of the most valuable of all currencies, that of

personal energy."
Bill Woodrow RA

The Marmite Prize for Painting is now open for submission!

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Past News

We need your input!

We want YOU to choose the judges for the Marmite Prize for Painting V, 2016.
We are looking for three painters based in the UK and Ireland.
They will join Marmite Prize IV winner Brian Cheeswright in selecting the winners of the Marmite Prize for Painting V, 2016.

Send your suggestions to info@marmiteprize.org by 22nd January, 2016 or tweet us @MarmitePrize using #marmitejudge. We will invite the painters with the most votes to participate as judges. How could they refuse?

Why should I bother you may ask yourself? All entrants will be in with the chance of winning free submission for the forthcoming prize, worth 15 (€20) or 10 (€14) for students.
Three winners will be randomly selected and announced via twitter and email by 1 Feb 2016.